Onyx Exterminators' philosophy is based on an Integrated Pest Management Strategy. Emphasis is placed on education, inspection, pest identification, sanitation, communication and cooperation of the customer. The focus of the program is Preventive Maintenance which is achieved by identifying and eliminating conditions which are conductive to supporting pest populations.

Our goal is to control pests without adversely affecting the customer's environment while simultaneously using the least toxic, most effective materials, and limiting the total volume of materials in order to reduce the potential hazard of chemical exposure to the customer and the environment. This goal is best achieved through Quarterly Inspections And Monitoring which enables the early detection of pest activity while populations are at low levels. Once discovered, these small pest populations may be eliminated with fewer materials than those used in traditional exterminating programs. These procedures allow Onyx Termite & Pest Control to provide our customers with a pest free environment while addressing concerns of possible exposure to young children and pets.

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Better Pest Management through Technology

We offer a comprehensive set of services to satisfy your termite and pest control needs both residential and commercial.

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Tips for combating ants

  • Caulk, weather strip, and repair holes around water pipes, baseboards, doors, and windows
  • Put screens over windows, vents, floor drains and ducts
  • Remove old boxes and papers
  • Keep areas outside your home free of trash, wood piles and leaves

Use sticky (glue) traps to find areas where ants are hiding

  • Store food in sealed containers
  • Never leave food, crumbs or trash uncovered anywhere in your home
  • Do not leave uneaten pet food out overnight
  • Use a trash can with a tight lid
  • Avoid placing trash under the sink
  • Empy trash can often
  • Rinse beverage and food containers before you recycle or throw them away

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